Significant grant funding win for consortium, led by PGWC to tackle the problem of chronic wounds

By John Danvers, European Innovation Director.

It is always satisfying to win significant grant funding for ambitious and innovative organisations. However, when that funding could transform the quality of life for millions of people worldwide then it becomes even more rewarding. We are absolutely thrilled therefore to announce that Ixion, part of Shaw Trust, has won nearly €1m in grant funding to help a leading European consortium, led by PGWC, to tackle the problem of chronic non-healing wounds. 

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Chronic wounds and their consequences

Chronic wounds are those wounds that fail to heal normally, typically stalling in the inflammation phase. They affect 116 million people worldwide. The consequences of chronic wounds for patients include intense pain, tissue necrosis, loss of mobility and livelihood, amputation and in severe cases even death. This also generates enormous economic burden to healthcare systems; around €14bn in Europe alone. Of greatest concern however is that 80% of patients globally are in regions that simply cannot afford the most effective ‘active’ 3rd line wound healing solutions.

This ambitious project is set to change all that by developing a novel dermal regeneration scaffold, based upon a nano-fibre extrusion process that gives unprecedented dermal regeneration and wound healing efficacy at a price point unmatched by any other current treatment. 

Having witnessed my own grandfather suffer years of the most excruciating pain from venous leg ulcers, I am especially delighted that innovative solutions such as this are set to radically transform the lives of sufferers. 

We wish the consortium, led by PGWC, all the success in developing and commercialising this highly innovative technology. 

About PGWC

PGWC are driven to improve global equity and access in healthcare by providing economically accessible and practical solutions to universal needs, designed to be relevant across all geographies, cultures, economies and healthcare delivery systems.

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