Supported Internships

Start your future with a Supported Internship

A Supported Internship is a unique mix of educational delivery with high quality job coaching within a range of supportive employer hosted locations. Employers have committed to support and nurture interns’ stated aspiration of moving into paid employment.

Our Supported Internships offer education and high quality on the job training within a range of different roles across retail, hospitality, manufacturing and horticulture at one of our locations across the UK.

If you are under 25 years of age with an active Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

If you’re an employer in Norfolk operating in the sectors of hospitality, construction, childcare, horticulture or retail and would like to offer a young person a placement, contact us today.

Why choose a Supported Internship?

Gain experience working in a fully functioning business.

Learn new skills to help you progress into full time employment.

Have the opportunity to gain accredited and practical qualifications so you will feel more confident and prepared to find work.

Unique support package  maximising the likelihood for learning retention and progression into employment.

Provider of Careers Guidance Services for young people with Education Health Care Plans across 18 local authorities in England.

Shaw Trust has a network of over 4,000 ‘DisabilityConfident’ employers within the UK.

Progression into employment

Upon completion of the Supported Internship, we provide three months of transitional support to help move interns into paid employment.

Our team connect interns with local employers, and facilitate visits, trials, selection, and transitional support into employment.

We will continue to support the young person once they have moved into paid employment through the Access to Work funding. This allows us to access an ‘InWork’ mentor to provide support and ensure the newly employed young person makes a successful transition into paid working life.

Where we deliver Supported Internships

We currently deliver Supported Internships in Norfolk.

High quality job coaching

An evidence-based method for teaching individuals. TSI incorporates the principles of applied behaviour analysis allowing our team to support individuals in learning a wide range of skills, from vocational to functional living skills.

Building resilience

Our staff are trained to help individuals understand the fundamental pillars of support when dealing with personal and professional set-backs, enabling learners to deal more positively and effectively with difficult challenges.


Our staffing team build strong, open and professional relationships with our interns, which often allows us to support individuals to themselves navigate through professional and personal circumstances effectively.

Person centred planning

Our staffing team always:

  • Puts our interns at the centre of planning and decisions that affect them, encouraging them to share their views, and to make their own choices.
  • Collaborate with key people, particularly those in the interns decision making process.
  • Rally behind interns decisions, demonstrating they are listened to, respected, and valued.
  • Undertake a role analysis (for the job), capability assessment (for the person), to establish all/any aides and adjustments to be made to optimise the learning experience.

Gain skills

The focus of the internship will be around building the skills and abilities needed in the workplace.

You will have the opportunity to study towards either a Pearsons Workskills Entry Level Three or Two Awards depending on your individual needs.

The qualifications cover two units around:

  • Exploring and developing work related skills and behaviours.
  • Selecting and applying for jobs.

In addition to this, for interns who do not already have maths and English qualifications at level two, we also deliver Functional Skills as part of the curriculum at entry level three, two or one.

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