Ixion Innovation

Our mission: “To win significant funding for ambitious European organisations and deliver major economic and societal impact”

Our track record and achievements

  • We are regarded as one of Europe’s most experienced and successful grant acquisition organisations.
  • We typically win over £20 million every year for our clients.
  • We are usually between 5 and 10 times more successful than the ‘average’ applicant.
  • We are one of a handful of companies to secure a perfect 100% score on a Horizon 2020 application.
  • We recently won the largest ever Innovate UK Open Programme project.
  • We will usually win multiple grants applications for our clients (for some we have won 4 out of 4, 5 out of 5 and even 6 out of 6 applications – this is unprecedented).
  • We operate across all industries and sectors, with clients in the UK and across Europe.

Our Clients

Commercial Businesses/Industry

  • Start-ups, Micros, SMEs.
  • Large enterprises / Blue Chip.
  • UK, European & Global.


Third Sector / Charities

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What do we do?

In a nutshell, we win major grant funding for innovative and ambitious organisations across Europe.  These organisations include commercial businesses, universities and third sector organisations and charities.

We take care of the entire grant application process leaving our clients to focus on the important role of running their business. This includes:

    • Developing the concept and business case.
    • Refining the business plan.
    • Identifying and recruiting any partner organisation (research, supply, market).
    • Analysis of the novelty through IPR landscaping and freedom to operate (FTO).
    • Market analysis and development of the commercial exploitation strategy.
    • Authoring of the proposal itself.
    • Creation and validation of the budget.
    • On success then will also help with:
      • The entire contract negotiation process.
      • Project kick-off meetings.
      • Project compliance and high level management.

How do I find the most appropriate funding?

Contact us, or try following the decision tree.

How much funding is available and why is it attractive?

Usually anywhere between £100k and £5 million.  Grant funding is usually the most powerful form of business capital that an organisation can obtain (excluding donations of course)! It carries no equity dilution for either the company or existing shareholders, it is a grant not a loan and hence non-repayable. Winning significant grant funding carries huge kudos and can provide organisations with immense PR and marketing opportunities.

What grants are available?

We target mainly research, development and innovation grants across Europe.  That includes Horizon 2020, the World’s largest research and innovation fund at €80 billion, as well as UK initiatives including Innovate UK. 

Why is that funding there?

For a variety of reasons depending on the type of funding being targeted.  Most usually it is:

  • To tackle major societal issues. That might include improving quality of life, improving healthcare, reducing pollution, improving food supply, increasing security, improving transport/mobility, tackling social exclusion and providing clean energy.
  • To stimulate economic growth and employment. Many of our clients will have great ideas for ambitious new technologies that could be world leading. In addition to the societal issues above they will have plans to increase sales revenue, market share and profitability through innovation.   
£ 0 million

won in a typical year

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Made for Movement - NORWAY

A €2.2m Horizon 2020 proposal for a Norwegian company looking to develop and demonstrate a system to improve ease of exercise for those with limited mobility. The system adds virtual reality and gamification to increase enjoyment and participation.

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