How to spend your training allowance

Traineeships offer a pathway into your career and include a work experience placement with the opportunity for progression.

Combining hands-on work experience with education and training, they allow you to smarten up your CV with the skills and experience employers are looking for.

Still not convinced? An Ixion traineeship can also provide you with a training allowance of £160 per month. Below, we look at some ways you could spend it!

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If you open a savings account and put your training allowance in each month, you would have £320 in your account by the end of an 8-week programme.

Open a savings account​

Ok ok, we know this is probably the least exciting option, but hear us out! If you open a savings account and put your training allowance in each month, you would have £320 in your account by the end of an 8-week placement.

That’s a lot of money and a really good start to saving for your future. Whether you want to save up to buy a car or even a house, your future self would thank you for choosing to save your training allowance.

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Shopping spree

If saving was the least exciting option, then a shopping spree is probably the most exciting! With travel costs to and from your traineeship placements reimbursed, you are free to spend the £160 per month however you like.

Need to refresh your wardrobe with some trending fashion? Or, with Christmas on the horizon, why not get your presents sorted? Whatever you decide, £160 per month can go a long way.

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12 Big Macs per week

According to our calculations, your training allowance is enough to buy 12 Big Macs per week! Or alternatively 12 Vegetarian Deluxes for all of you non-meat eaters. 

Now, this is of course slightly excessive, and we would urge you to enjoy any fast food as part of a healthy, balanced diet. But if you do rely on eating on the go, you will have plenty of money to treat yourself! Perhaps just don’t eat all 12 in one go…

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A slightly more sensible option, but still involving a spending spree, why not treat yourself to some new notebooks and pens?

Traineeships include functional skills sessions which help you to brush up your maths and English in a non-academic environment. Buying yourself some new stationary can help to motivate you to work by giving you a fresh start.

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Go on holiday

Remember that £320 you can save if you decided on the savings account option? That’s enough to go on a short holiday! 

Whether you choose a weekend away in the UK, or a mini break abroad, if you save your training allowance each week you can reward yourself with some time away at the end of your traineeship. 

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Interview fund​

Traineeships are designed to prepare you for employment, and you receive support to progress into an apprenticeship or job.

To progress into a job you will need to attend an interview, so another good way to use the money would be to put it towards interview costs. Whether you need to buy some formal clothes, or pay for transport to and from interviews, using the money as an investment to help you get hired after completing your traineeship would be a great choice.

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Please contact your tutor or our traineeship team at for information and terms and conditions.

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