Five weird and wonderful careers for trainees

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Five weird and wonderful careers for trainees

Did you know that traineeships can provide you with key skills you need to kick start a career that could take you anywhere? We’ve collected some weird and wonderful jobs that trainees can aspire to!!

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Become a chief listening officer.

While this may sound like a job that involves listening to music all day, chief listening officers are in fact a crucial position within the marketing department of many organisations. The role involves monitoring external and internal communications about organisations. This is to develop ways for the company to enhance their relationships with both customers and employees.

Chief listening officers need to be confident with social media, to keep track of what’s being said online, and be comfortable with conducting research such as customer surveys. Skills gained on traineeships such as communication, digital skills and teamworking would also be key to gain a position as a chief listening officer.

Become a music therapist.

If you were disappointed by the previous job not turning out to be musical, maybe a music therapist could be your occupation of choice! Music therapists use music to help people process feelings they may not be able to put into words. They work with people of all ages to help them with emotional or mental problems, learning and/or physical disabilities, life-limiting conditions or physical illnesses.

Interpersonal and communication skills are a key part of traineeships. These skills are crucial for music therapists to connect with their clients and build a successful relationship.

Become a cost estimator.

Jobs in construction do not always involve manual labour. One such position is a cost estimator. It is their job to visit construction sites, assess the project and estimate the costs of raw materials and labour, along with the time required for completion. They liaise with a range of people including foremen, engineers and architects, and gather a variety of information to help them calculate estimates.

We offer several traineeships in construction which could be the perfect step to give you experience of the industry. Core skills learned on a traineeship include problem solving, maths skills and time management. These would also be key abilities for a cost estimator to possess. As part of your traineeship we also help you to manage your money.

Become a flavourist.

A flavourist, or flavour chemist, is a science-based role linked to the food and hospitality industries. It is their job to create and duplicate the flavours we all like to eat. A flavourist will need an understanding of chemistry, with a creative flair to use a range of chemicals, oils, extracts and essences to make up the flavours.

Essential skills picked up on a traineeship can provide a solid foundation for budding flavourists, with problem solving, independence and confidence being prime examples.  

Become a professional ethical hacker.

Ethical hackers are information security experts who use their skills to penetrate computer systems and networks on behalf of their owners. While it might sound strange that a company would pay someone to hack its own systems, ethical hackers perform a very useful service. Ethical hackers help organisations to identify security vulnerabilities in their systems that not so friendly hackers could potentially exploit. Ethical hackers can then suggest solutions to avoid any malicious activities.

Young people hoping to become professional ethical hackers can gain skills on a traineeship that will be useful to them. Communication, digital skills and problem solving are all part of the traineeship programme.

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