Meet the Team: Intoducing Tiggy Ayoub!

Meet Tiggy, one of our Vocational Tutors and our first National Numeracy Champion within Ixion and Shaw Trust! 

Find out why Tiggy loves teaching Functional Skills and how she is involved in our newest program: Multiply! 

“What motivates me in my work is helping others who want to help themselves! I like giving people the tools to make a change in their life.”

Tell us about your role!

So, I started off working at Ixion on the SELEP learning and employment partnership. Delivering courses and doing intervention work with long-term unemployed people. These people are highly diverse and have a variety of reasons for their unemployment. So, I was not just delivering courses, but also one-to-one support and I suppose employment counselling.                                

I then moved on to the Jets program, delivering short employability before moving on to the AEB program where I got involved with Multiply. I first got asked if I wanted to the National Numeracy Champion training course, I did it and absolutely loved it. It is the best program I’ve seen in a very long time and the website is super user-friendly. It’s like having your own personal maths guru!

Multiply is the newest government program we are offering; we will be working with parents in the Cambridge and Peterborough Combined Authority area.

We are looking to parents to support them in their maths and get them more secure so that they can then support their children who are doing GCSE and functional skills.

The National Numeracy Challenge splits itself into different reasons why you want to learn maths. So, the one that we’re focusing on is helping children. But there’s also one around helping you to budget and manage your household bills. And at this particular time in our Economic lives. I think that’s really useful. So absolutely fantastic and it’s all designed to help people manage their money more effectively to work out good deals to work out what’s too good to be true. Hopefully, it will make people’s lives a bit better moving forward. I’m the first within Shore trust to be accredited with a national numeracy champion.SELEP

What were you doing before you joined Ixion?

Before I started at Ixion, I was working for an agency as a supply teacher and as part of that agency I worked for Ixion! I was delivering a number of courses, but my background is functional skills and adult basic skills as it was when I did my PGCE.

I have been teaching functional skills for a long time to an incredibly diverse group of students aged 18+ in different settings, such as an Educational Support Unit attached to a college, a Secure Forensic Psychiatric unit for young people and Army and Navy apprentices.

It has not always just been functional skills but with functional skills in the back of my head, so I always get maths and English into anything I teach.

What motivates and inspires you in your work?

What motivates me in my work is helping others who want to help themselves! I like giving people the tools to make a change in their life. Helping people to understand maths and functional skills.

Describe your time at Ixion in a few words.

Challenging, exciting, overwhelming, supportive and collaborative. 

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I spend a lot of time in my garden. I like to grow organically so I grow both fruit and vegetables! I’m lucky to have a big garden which allows me to grow a variety of things. I love chillies – I grow around 15 different varieties every year, from mildly spicy to very hot! I also make a lot of jams and chutneys. I also love to cook but given the current energy prices I’m not doing it as much as turning on the oven is an expense at the moment, so I do a lot of batch cooking with the fruit and vegetables I grow!

I am also in the Parish Council, I’m the president of the Parish Council!

What is your favourite animal?

My Favorite animal is a Hedgehog! I’m called Tiggy, short for missus Tiggy-winkle! They are so cute and luckily, I have some in my garden – they are a gardener’s best friend!

What song represents your time at Ixion?

So within the first month of working for Ixion I went through some personal things so I guess my song would be I Will Survive! 

If you have the skills and experience to support learners to reach their goals visit the Shaw Trust jobs website, and filter the organisation to Ixion. Or click here to meet more of our team!

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