Jess's Apprenticeship Journey – October

This month Jess has made a major change to her work routine, attended two training courses and is looking ahead to her one year anniversary. Find out more about what she has achieved, learnt and accomplished below.

Jess is completing a Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship, and you can share her journey and progression with her monthly updates!

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“I’m over halfway through and preparing for my End Point Assessment. It doesn’t feel scary anymore. Now, I’m just excited for the future.”

What's new for you this month?

One major change from last month is the fact that I’ve been going into the Chelmsford office a few times a week.

I’ve managed to meet quite a few members of staff in person, a few who I’ve spoken to on Teams for a long time and never actually met physically, so that has been nice. I’ve also met people that I probably wouldn’t have spoken to had I been working at home.

What I noticed about being in the office is you get to speak to more people because you’re doing things like going to grab a coffee in the kitchen and you’re not just going to walk past someone and ignore them. You say hello and you have a conversation. There’s no initial reason why you need to speak to them, you’re just having a conversation because they’re there and you’re there. I think working from home you only pick up the phone or call someone on Teams if there’s something you require from them.

It makes the day go a bit quicker if you have a chat with your co-workers. You meet people from different teams, and you get to learn more about what it is they’re working on and who does what.

I think going into the office would benefit everybody even if it’s just a few days a week. Don’t get me wrong, I still love working from home. It’s nice when you don’t want to get on your smart clothes, or if you’ve got a lot of meetings there’s no point going into the office if you’re spending the whole day on the phone or Teams. I just think everyone could benefit from going in a few days a week.

Being an apprentice and completing it entirely remotely so far, going into the office has allowed me to see what it would have been like if I’d started it in person. I have had lots of additional support working from home, but it’s been interesting to see the difference in the office and talk to an apprentice who has started working in the office straightaway and compare our experiences.

Also, since the last blog post I had a review, which went well, and I got another distinction on my assignment, which is always positive!

What else have you been getting upto?

I did a training course this month that I really did want to mention, because I genuinely found it fun. It’s a series of four sessions and recently I did the first two, which were spotlight on your relationships and spotlight on your values.

I’ve been looking at how I want to progress after finishing my apprenticeship as I’m not sure at the moment. I know there’s certain things I want to do, and I know what I don’t want to do, but it’s just trying to pin down that final part. So, Steven my line manager sent me these training courses and said to have a look as they get you to think about your values, who you are as a person, and how you present yourself at work and how you can define and reach your goals.

The sessions were attended by a wide range of different people including managers, people who had worked for Shaw Trust for years and people who were very new to the organisation.

During the sessions we completed tasks to find out what values are important to us and how that makes you as a person and how do you fit them into your work role and your home life.

There was the opportunity to split off into little groups and talk more one-to-one with people which made it less daunting than some training sessions can be.

How are you feeling looking ahead to your one year anniversary next month?

On 9 November I will have been here a year. In some ways it feels like I started yesterday, and I’ve just blinked, and here we are! But at the same time, I look back to some of my earlier blog posts or earlier work I submitted in my apprenticeship, and it is crazy how much progress I’ve made and how much has changed.

When I first started, I spent the first month or so not being able to do a lot because my DBS check took a while to come back, and I had no idea how to do certain things. When I would be shown how to do something I would have my notebook there and I’d write down step by step what to do. Now, I just do it automatically. I don’t even need to think about it I just do it.

At the start I was also a lot more introverted and not as confident. Now I’m more confident and I think I’ve started to almost become a person as well. I’m a lot chattier and I’m better at conversations whereas before I was quite shy and reserved. You wouldn’t necessarily get a feel for my personality when you talked to me. Now I think when I have conversations with people, I’m able to show my personality as well as my professional persona.

So much has changed, and it does feel crazy how quickly it’s gone. Because when I first signed on to do an apprenticeship, it was quite daunting knowing that I was going to be on the programme for 18 months.

Now it’s the complete opposite. I’m over halfway through and preparing for my End Point Assessment but I couldn’t be more excited, and I don’t worry that I’ve got so long left or that I’ve been on it for so long.

I’m not worried for the End Point Assessment. I’m not worried about that commitment. I want to keep challenging myself and to keep hacking away, and to get to that final stage. It doesn’t feel scary anymore, now I’m just excited for the future.

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