Four benefits of employee training

With technology and workplace best practice constantly evolving, keeping employees’ skills up to date is more essential than ever. 

Staff training has many more benefits to employers than just keeping employees’ knowledge and skills up to date though. 

From recruiting and retaining the best talent to saving money, find out how staff training benefits employers as well as employees.

A staff training session

Attract and recruit the best talent

Building a reputation as a business that invests in their employees’ career development can offer a big advantage when looking to recruit new staff.

Now more than ever workers are placing a huge importance on training and career development. Indeed, a PWC report investigating millennial work habits claims that this generation is committed to personal learning and development. The report even goes as far as saying that development is their priority benefit from employers, ahead of flexible working hours and financial reward.

Offering training and continuing education should therefore help organisations to attract employees who are looking to develop with a company.

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Improve employee retention

Worried that training your staff and providing them with new skills will lead to them chasing a new job at a different business? Don’t be.

In fact, the opposite is usually true. A LinkedIn Learning report showed that 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.

Investing in learning and development opportunities for employees can help to build a loyal workforce who feel valued, engaged and motivated.

Far from equipping staff with the skills to move elsewhere, learning and development can help companies to hire from within by readying employees for promotion opportunities.

A group of happy employees

Save money

A by-product of improved employee retention is saving money for your organisation. Recruiting new candidates can cost around a third of an employee’s salary. It can also be an extremely time-consuming process.

It therefore makes a lot of sense to focus on training and development as tool for employee retention, which in turn represents a key method of reducing recruitment costs.

Increasingly tall piles of one pound coins

Improve employee performance

Ultimately, perhaps the best benefit of employee training and development is to improve productivity and performance.

Successful teams must upskill frequently to maintain best practice. Providing learning relevant to employees’ job roles can empower and equip them with the skills needed to deliver better quality work.

External training can provide an essential resource to keep employees up to date with new material and fresh insights to help them thrive.

Staff sat around a desk exchanging paperwork

“It’s really an empowering process for individuals and one that creates the ability to more quickly adapt in the organisation. This is essential in a busy, challenging and competitive sector that requires professional skills, consistency and resilience.”

– Denise Moon, National Learning and Development Manager for Professional Development at Mencap.

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