Connecting Choices champions National Inclusion Week

The Connecting Choices programme has been celebrating National Inclusion Week which runs between 26 September – 2 October. National Inclusion Week aims to celebrate everyday inclusion in all its forms. National inclusion week is now in its tenth year celebrating  inclusive employers who have brought organisations together from across the globe to celebrate, share and inspire inclusion practices. This years theme is ‘Time to Act: The Power of Now’.

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What is diversity and equality?

Diversity and equality are important as we live in an increasingly diverse society. We need to respond appropriately to this diversity as individuals must be treated according to their different needs to ensure they are treated fairly. Diversity involves recognising that people are different and that these differences are valued. We live in a diverse society which consists of individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, values and perceptions. In fact, everybody is different, and we need to understand, value and respect each other’s differences for society to function properly.

Equality is all about creating an environment in which everybody is treated fairly regardless of his or her background. This does not mean treating people the same, rather it involves valuing people as individuals and ensuring that nobody is discriminated against for any reason. We need to understand everybody is different, value and respect each other’s differences for society to function properly. Individuals must be treated according to their different needs to ensure they are treated fairly.

How does Connecting Choices champion diversity and inclusion?

The Connecting Choices programme champions diversity and inclusion by welcoming all groups of participants. Firstly, by taking a person-centred approach social inclusion is at the heart of what we do. Diversity and inclusion are embedded in our team through mandatory and voluntary courses. Most importantly, this helps the team to improve their abilities to do their job and support the programme by understanding the issues people face.

Diversity and inclusion is forever changing to accommodate the growing needs of people to be recognised for what they represent. Training supports the team to do this and teaches us to value the needs of other people. Furthermore, creating safe team spaces enables people to share their lived experiences. This is a powerful and positive way for people to understand the barriers that participants face. The impact of this on our team and the wider partnership is that as our knowledge increases, we can share this with the partners. This will help the partnership to improve best practice and will allow us to communicate our knowledge. In turn this will benefit the people we are supporting. It may give us an advantage to empathise with the participants that we are on-boarding and help us to have an understanding of their barriers.

Ixion and the Connecting Choices team are committed to:

• Take positive action to eliminate any form of discrimination or other inequalities that are brought to our attention.
• Ensure we adhere to all applicable legislation in this area.
• Foster good working relationships with partners and stakeholders so that they understand their responsibilities.
• Update our policies and working practices in line with changing legislation.

About the Connecting Choices programme:

The Connecting Choices programme has helped over 2,000 participants since launch with the aim to help those furthest from work into training, education, volunteering or employment. The programme helps to break down a participants barriers to increase confidence. It is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.

If you know someone in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire Moorlands or Newcastle-under-Lyme that we can support please contact Natasha Church, Head of Service: or 07919 004301.

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