Sustainable Development and Equalities - Partners

Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability Objectives

Ixion's approach to sustainability, through a collective agreement with its supply chain partners, is to find a more practical application to the work we do, and how the Merlin Standard can be used to better support it. On this basis Ixion has broadened Environment Sustainability Policy to encompass Social Value.

Ixion's objectives for sustainability across the supply chain are:

Reduce the Environmental Footprint by:

Minimising the use of energy, water and materials
Promoting the use of green or public transport
Minimising waste and increasing recycling levels
Utilising Recycling Goods with Operations
Providing Effect low carbon delivery methods

Contribute to Social Sustainability by:

Providing adequate training opportunities of all employees
Ensuring sustainability is promoted/discussed and embedded within our teaching and learning with services we deliver and within our supply chain delivery
Purchasing good and services that are produced and delivered in line with International Labour Organisation principles in respect to  human rights and conditions of employment
Supporting a diverse supply chain by cultivating opportunities for Minority Owned Businesses

Driving Economic Sustainability:

Supporting job creation both locally and nationally
Facilitating opportunities for Minority Owned Business and Small Medium Enterprises


Supply Chain Equalities & Diversity Objectives:

Ixion's approach to equalities and diversity, through a collective agreement with its supply chain partners, is to commit to valuing diversity and eliminating discrimination, harassment and victimisation of its employees and service users.

Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Limited is an equal opportunities employer and we hold the accreditation ‘Committed 2 Equality’ and a Disability Confident Employer.  We are committed to promoting equality and diversity in all of our services and we expect everyone who works for us to support us in this. 

This commitment is appropriate to all supply chain partners who will lead in:

Ixion Holdings and its Supply Chain Partners have a duty to prevent unlawful discrimination and promote equality and must always be seen to be actively promoting equality of opportunity for, and good relationships between, all persons from the protected characteristic groups covered by the Equality Act: Age; Disability; Gender Reassignment; Marriage and Civil Partnership; Pregnancy and Maternity; Race; Religion or Belief; and sexual orientation. The below sets out actions Ixion will take during 2016/17 to support our duty to promote equality.

Effective use of data: Ensuring we analyse data to review current participation and identify underrepresented groups
Learner and Client Voice: Servicing the needs of our customers
Supply Chain Management: Ensuring our partners are meeting the equality and diversity needs of their clients
Accreditations: Ensuring best practice within the business
Staff Training