PurpleLightUp – celebrating disabled people’s contributions

#PurpleLightUp – celebrating disabled people’s contributions
To celebrate the contributions of disabled people as employees and consumers Ixion part of Shaw Trust is going purple on 3 December 2018.
This year Ixion, is joining organisations across the world by turning purple on Monday 3 December to celebrate the contributions of disabled people as employees and consumers.
The #PurpleLightUp campaign is all about recognising the significant value disabled people add to our workplaces and society. It’s being co-ordinated by PurpleSpace, the world’s only networking and professional development hub for disabled employees, network and resource group leaders, and allies from all sectors and trades.
The campaign coincides with the International Day of Disabled People, a globally recognised initiative to bring together a united voice to celebrate and empower disabled people. Employability professionals have a big part to play in this and are encouraged to take part.

Ixion and Shaw Trust will be doing a number of things to participate in the campaign. A number of our buildings will be lit up purple for the day and staff will be encouraged to pledge their support by wearing purple items of clothing, baking purple cakes and perhaps making purple smoothies. Shaw Trust retail stores will be encouraged to show off purple window displays and volunteers asked to wear their purple T-shirts. Parts of their website and logo will be turning purple and purple messaging will be displayed on screens in their offices, hubs and shops. The Trust will be asking people to write purple blogs on the theme of disability awareness and achievement, and on the same day Shaw Trust will be opening nominations for the Power 100 2019 list.
Clare Gray, Shaw Trust’s Disability Advocacy Adviser, said: “#PurpleLightUp is generating excitement and passion for the campaign nationally and internationally, focusing on the value that disabled people contribute to the economy as consumers and employees. The campaign’s purpose is to forge a global identity, one that puts the positive contribution of disabled people and their networks in the spotlight.
To find out more about the work Shaw Trust undertakes please visit www.shaw-trust.org.uk or nominate an influential disabled person for the Power 100 2019