Ixion Wins £13.4m SFA/ESF Major Contracts

Having recently secured the ESF/ SFA bid win for the £5.7m SFA “Skills Support for Employers” LEP contract in Greater Cambridgeshire and Greater Peterborough LEP area. Ixion are delighted to publicly announce that we have also secured 3x further ESF/SFA contracts.

Winning the ESF SFA £4.6m South East LEP area contract

Ixion are proud to announce that we have secured the SFA/ESF contract for the South East LEP area which will be delivered across; Greater Essex, Kent, Medway and East Sussex. The project aims to support those in the labour market by increasing their skill levels, leading to an improvement in business productivity through a dynamic and growing workforce.

The project will allow businesses to take a lead in the local skills system, enabling more effective training and thus more secure outcomes. Ixion will assist local employers to recruit for the ‘hard-to-fill’ digital-related vacancies which will ultimately help to support growth & find sustainable opportunities for individuals within the LEP’s key sectors.

These two ESF SFA contract wins are testimony to the high levels of engagement and close working relationships we have in the regions and we look forward to supporting both the Greater Cambridgeshire and Peterborough LEP, and South East LEP regions to achieving their strategic growth plans.

Jacqueline Oughton – Ixion Chief Operating Officer


Winning 2 further London Construction contracts (£3.1m) for Ixion from ESF/ SFA

The 2 further contracts Ixion have also secured are London Construction led contracts, which will be delivered across Central London and also for North London & East London, with an overall value of £3.1m.

The contracts will focus on providing “Skills Support for the Unemployed” which will address: skills development, job readiness and also the key pre-apprenticeship training of unemployed groups - all leading to roles in construction. They have been uniquely designed to increase participation in the labour market to improve social inclusion and mobility, particularly within the following groups:

  • Improving employability of the long-term unemployed & supporting those groups which face particular labour market disadvantage
  • To encourage inactive people to participate & improve the basic skills needs of those who are unemployed. With an additional aim to provide support for women moving into construction.
  • Helping those with multiple/ complex barriers such as prisoners who are in custody & on-release
  • Engaging marginalised participants and supporting them to re-engage with education, training and or in employment.

We are very proud to have won these ESF SFA contracts and be able to support the construction industry in London by upskilling those who are unemployed to provide a sustainable workforce that will transform both London and the lives of so many London residents for the future.

Jacqueline Oughton – Ixion Chief Operating Officer


Who is leading the contracts?

Jane Murray – Ixion’s current Head of Service for the £5.7m Greater Cambridgeshire & Peterborough LEP SFA bid win will also take responsibility for the new £4.6m South East LEP win as well. Jane will be reporting into Jacqueline Oughton, Ixion’s Chief Operating Officer.

Jacqueline Oughton will look to appoint a new role for the Head of Service for Construction to oversee the £3.1m two London construction contracts for a role that will also report directly into Jacqui.

Ixion will also be rolling out our new integrated STARCOMS digital compliance/e-portfolio/CRM system on all direct delivery and sub-contractors for the first time on these four contracts.

Ixion is thrilled to advance in many ways now and not just in terms of scale.