MERLIN inspection: Ixion Nov 2017

We are delighted to formally announce that Ixion across all its divisions has at its recent MERLIN inspection (Nov 2017) achieved an 87% EXCELLENT rating overall. Making us one of the best in the country. (This is a material improvement from our last MERLIN inspection, a couple of years ago, when we were "GOOD" Overall)

The aim of the MERLIN Standard is to encourage excellent supply chain management and within this to ensure fair treatment of partners and subcontractors by Prime Contractors (such as Ixion), to support the development of healthy, high performing supply chains.

(Click Here read the full report on Ixion)


Overall                                      % 

Overall Outcome    87% Excellent 

Supply Chain Design            93%    Excellent 

Commitment                        88%    Excellent 

Conduct                                 87%   Excellent 

Review                                   80%   Good 


We would like to thank; all staff, all Partners and key stakeholders for their continued support and for the fantastic achievement.