Ixion: 3 Year Corporate Plan 2016-2019

Over the last few years Ixion has seen a c. 250% growth in its business and is now a Prime provider across England to the; Ministry of Justice, Dept. Work & Pensions, Skills Funding Agency and also accesses millions of Euro’s from the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research & Investment available funding.

Ixion is a not-for-profit group that has helped over 14,000 people transform their lives in the last year. Our ambition it to help even more. We have helped unemployed people into jobs, helped them start-up and sustain their own businesses, supported ex-offenders and skilled & re-skilled a wide range of people to transform both their lives and in turn also to make a material impact on economic growth.

Quality is at the heart of what we do. Over the last year Ixion has been inspected and audited by most of it’s major stakeholders and inspectorates including Ofsted, Merlin, Matrix and PAT tests (from DWP) etc. The results of the audits and inspections have been very positive: 

According to:
•    Ofsted: Ixion is a “Good” Training Provider with “Outstanding Features” (Oct 2015)
•    Ixion’s Merlin grade of 83% “Good” is equally commendable having just narrowly missed out on an “Excellent” something Merlin rarely give out at a first inspection. (Jan 2016)

We are also delighted to have agreed for our Skills division delivery, a separate 50:50 Joint Venture company with Shaw Trust. Shaw Trusts investments in the new skills JV, called STAR Skills Ltd means we will be able to invest further in growing, bidding and winning multi-million pound contracts.”

John Govett: Group CEO of Ixion + CEO of STAR Skills Ltd

Ixion is very proud of it’s achievements in 2015 – 2016 but it’s now time to look excitably at the future by sharing a summary of the Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Limited 3 year Corporate Plan for 2016 - 2019. 

Below are the core 4 Corporate goals that all staff will share and be working hard towards over the next 3 years.

Ixion’s Key Strategic Goals in 2016 – 2019

1. Deliver excellent results for our clients and customers: 
a. Aim to be a top quartile performer in the markets we operate in 
b. Provide services that are valued by our customers and clients 
c. Help our clients achieve positive change in their lives 

2. Achieve sustained and profitable growth: 
a. Deliver positive financial results 
b. Secure new business for sustainable growth 
c. Be a potential prime contractor or major subcontractor in all our sectors 

3. Strengthen relationships as a thriving commercial business with a strong moral compass 
a. Engage with, Anglia Ruskin University, to maximise bid opportunities and development 
b. Identify strategic alliances with partner organisations to support business development 

4. Build a strong and effective organisation 

a. Be an employer of choice with strong employee engagement 
b. Achieve quality accreditations, processes and procedures 
c. Implement strong governance, risk management and compliance reporting 
d. Ensure the joint venture with Shaw Trust, called STAR Skills Limited is a success

Read the full summary of the 2016 – 2019 Ixion Holdings Corporate Plan CLICK HERE