What makes Ixion different?

How we stand out from the crowd:

We are not-for-profit: A not-for-profit group of companies.

Ixion operate with an entrepreneurial spirit to strong commercial principles but we are guided by an equally strong moral compass. We have a vision to "transform people lives through Skills, Employment, Enterprise and Innovation, for growth".

This means we can focus on getting the best possible results for the people, organisations and businesses we support, any surplus we make is gift-aided to our parent (who is a charity) for the benefit of our customers/clients and the local community.


Group legal structure:


Ixion is a Not-for-profit group of companies.

Active companies are:

  • Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Limited - a company limited by shares. 100% of profits are gift-aided to parent (a Charity);
  • Ixion Social Enterprise Ltd - a company limited by guarantee. A subsidiary of Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Limited. 
  • Ixion CG Ltd - a company limited shares. A subsidiary of Ixion Social Enterprise Ltd.

More Than a Training Organisation:

We offer a broad range of funding sources.

We have expertise in employment services (welfare to work), justice, skills & training, SME start-ups and large business support in accessing EU funding. We offered tailored support to our clients – individuals and businesses – to find solutions that work best for them. We can link up different sources of funding for maximum impact.

Performance and Outcome driven

We deliver excellent results through empowered people.
We are a top performer in the key sectors we work in, thanks to the quality of our leadership, empowerment and accountability of our staff and the quality focus and governance arrangements within Ixion. Our entrepreneurial spirit, focus on performance, innovation and the strength of our organisation depends on of our staff.

Inspiring Innovation

We constantly invest in innovation:
We make investments in accredited learning such as our Virtual Learning Environment with smart-phone functionality. Our growing network of online volunteer mentors, recruitment services, innovative websites such as www.thementorhive.com and our steadfast drive for industry wide innovation make Ixion a truly unique service provider.

Values Driven

We are commercially focussed but with a strong moral compass. From skills development through to enterprise support, employability and accessing European innovation funding for business.

We strive to deliver competitive advantage. We have the mind-set to make things happen better and quickly.