Ixion as a sub-contractor

Ixion as a Sub-Contractor:

Ixion has an extensive range of sub-contacts across the UK in a number of Government funded divisions across Employment, reducing re-offending and skills.

Education Funding Agency (TCHC Youth Contract):

Ixion engage 16-17 year olds who are hardest to reach and support them into education, training or a job with training in Essex. We are helping young people who have no or only 1 GCSE at A8-C, young offenders released from custody/serving a community sentence (with 1 or more GCSEs at A*-C) and young people in care or who were in care (with 1 or more GCSE's A*-C)
European Social Fund, subcontractor to Seetec and North Hearts College (Work Placed Learning):
Delivering training up to Level 2 NVQ in classroom or work place to 19+ employed learners in London. 
European Social Fund, subcontractor to Seetec (Skills Support for Redundancy):
Classroom learning and Job Search to 19+ learners at risk of redundancy. Re-skilling individuals to improve their employment opportunities through targeted careers advice and skills interventions.
European Social Fund, subcontractor to Seetec (Skills Support for the Unemployed):
Skills support to unemployed individuals, who have a skills barrier to entering the labour market in London. Ixion use successful Sector Based Work Academy model in local growth sectors to deliver training & qualifications & secure guaranteed interviews for participants.

Department for Work and Pensions, subcontractor to Seetec and Ingeus (Work Programme):

Ixion support unemployed individuals in London into sustained employment including the delivery of short courses and training to improve employment prospects.

Department for Work and Pensions, subcontractor to G4S (Community Work Placements):

We support customers whose key barrier to work is a lack of work experience, motivation or both, and offer them a work placement. Six months on a work placement provides the opportunity for customers to develop their vocational and employability skills, to add significant experience to their CV and to demonstrate their capabilities to employers. The associated jobsearch support helps them use these skills and experience to secure paid employment.
European Social Fund, subcontractor to Skills Training (Support for Families with Multiple Problems):
Ixion work with troubled families to put together a bespoke programme of support, which complement and add to the support being offered by the local authority in Milton Keynes.