Offender Rehabilitation

Working with ex-offenders

We are firmly committed to the idea of rehabilitation and of equipping people with the skills and behaviours to achieve their full potential. A proportion of our clients on the work programme and New Enterprise Allowance are ex-offenders. We often find that given a second chance and being supported by an organisation that actually cares can make a world of difference in terms of recidivism.

Working with Offenders 

Ixion is committed to working with offenders – to help them gain the skills and educational improvements they need to re-integrate into society. Our services include workability training in construction and logistics and in supporting offenders with motivational training. Courses can be delivered via our on-line solution.

National Offender Management Service (NOMS)

Phase 2, subcontractor to Serco

We offer employability support for harder to reach groups of offenders to increase entry into jobs and learning. We deliver the contract in the community in areas of high deprivation in Essex and Suffolk, from Probation Trust premises and within custodial establishments including HMP Highpoint.

CFO3, Prime contractor - South East and West Midlands

Ixion has been contracted to deliver this national programme, co-funded by the ESF, for England in the South East and the West Midlands. It is available to individuals in custody, as they move through the gates, and in the community. Participation is completely voluntary, with flexible programme duration to best meet individual needs.

Ixion is committed to delivering a flexible programme that promotes social inclusion, fits into the local delivery landscape, effectively sequences provision, achieves positive outcomes and supports individuals to secure employment, training and education.

To achieve this, we will work with local partners and stakeholders to engage them in decision making, continually develop our programme, and join up existing services. This includes working with Community Rehabilitation Companies, National Probation Service, Jobcentre Plus, Work Programme, National Careers Service, housing associations, community health services and other local providers.