Corporate plan: vision & values

3 year corporate plan

At Ixion we strive to deliver excellence in all that we do.

Our 3 year corporate plan is in place and is re-freshed annually. We have seen tremendous growth in recent years and recent investments in quality assurance processes, back-office integration and development of our product and service portfolio provides a robust foundation for continued and sustainable growth.


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Our Vision:

To transform people’s lives through Skills, Employment, Enterprise and Innovation, for growth


Our Values:

Future: Forward Thinking

Ixion adopts clear business strategies to give a focused vision for the Company’s future.



People: Inspiring

Our people and customers are core to everything we do and our not-for-profit social purpose inspires us to achieve excellence. Our people are valued, empowered and involved.



Outcome: Successful

By focusing on performance, trust and respect, we will win business to sustain and grow. We will provide exemplary customer service, listening to customer needs and continuously improve the customer experience.


How: Simpler, Faster & Personal

Our systems, processes and behaviours enable personal, efficient and effective action on the part of our people, partners, customers and stakeholders.



Our Mission: (the what & who)

“Ixion - Not-for-profit group –with a strong commercial operation - focused on transforming people’s lives and economic growth, with employers and clients at the centre of our thinking – focused on both the able-bodied and those with a disability to improve all their life chances”