Meet the board

The function of the Main Board of Directors of Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Limited is to; oversee the ongoing corporate health of the organisation and the interests of its staff, wider stakeholders and customers.


The boards purpose is to approve the corporate strategy & budgets. To then scrutinise and hold the organisation to account for delivery of its vision, values, performance to plan and to ensure that the Company fulfils its corporate objectives/budgets, whilst seeking to protect Ixion's general interests, reputation and create value for the benefit of our owner, whom is a Charity.

The Ixion main Board (its legal directors) is made up of the; Non-Executive Chairman, Group CEO, Group Finance Director and the Non-Executive Directors.


Through its Group Audit & Remuneration Committee and also the Group Finance Committee the non-executives scrutinise the Management board and give assurance to the fiduciary Main board (utilising internal and external auditors etc).


The Ixion Management Board is led by the Group CEO and contains its Executive directors. (see below Non Executive and Executive directors).