Innovate UK

Innovate UK is the UK Governments innovation agency

Innovate UK is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Since 2007 we have committed over £1.8 billion to innovation, matched by a similar amount in partner and business funding. We have helped more than 7,600 organisations with projects estimated to add more than £11.5 billion to the UK economy and create 55,000 extra new jobs.

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The benefits ?
•        Large scale financial support - Grants between £25k and £1million+
•        A grant, not a loan - no repayment needed and no equity dilution
·         Your opportunity to move into new markets and create profitable growth
•        Flexible partnerships – Your company alone or in collaboration with other strategic partners
•        A bottom up ‘Open’ scheme means any innovative technology is eligible
•        More focussed technological themes, aligned with Innovate UK priorities, are also available
Who is it for ?
•        Innovative and ambitious organisations, of any size, that are looking to develop innovative new technological solutions.
•        Projects that have the potential to increase the competitiveness of the applicants in a global market place.
•        Projects that are highly novel and therefore challenging are particularly well suited
Why Ixion ?
The Ixion team has over 20 years experience of helping companies access Innovate UK grant funding.  We are regarded as one of the most successful grant acquisitions organisations in Europe, with success rates usually between 5 and times better than average. 

Ixion’s funding expertise therefore gives you the very best chance of success. Our experienced teams will assist you at every step of the process, navigating the complexity, overcoming the bureaucracy and eliminating the time pressures on you.   As a not for profit, owned by a major charity, you can be sure of the best quality of service and value for money.
“Working with the Ixion Innovation team has been both a pleasure and an education. Their ability to create a persuasive argument for funding is outstanding. We have been so impressed by their tenacity. Ultimately, their professionalism and long-standing experience proved to be a winning combination yet again and we look forward to continuing to work with them for many years to come”.

Howard Marles – CEO - EOZone