What an Employer Looks for in Apprentices

It’s sometimes difficult for school-leavers applying for apprenticeships as they lack work experience. While employers will certainly bear this in mind there are other personal skills you can draw attention when applying for an apprenticeship.

What young people lack in skills they make up for with enthusiasm and a keen appetite to learn. Employers are advised not to get hung up on level of experience and instead to focus on tapping into the talent that young people represent. Training organisation like Ixion provide the skills support to develop apprentices- giving employers the advantage of being able to mould talent to their particular needs.

When it comes to selection of apprentices there are two main things to consider: aptitude and attitude. Employers are looking for in young people with passion and a flair for their chosen profession. At the end of the day training young people in your processes and internal systems is the easy bit- as long as apprentices have a good work ethic and willingness to learn.

Other qualities to look out for are a sincere interest in the job, punctuality and a fervent desire to learn. As long as the above considerations are met apprenticeships offer a cost effective solution to building a sustainable workforce.

As a potential apprentice being able to explain exactly why you want the apprenticeship, apart from financial independence it brings, is key to securing an apprenticeship place. Researching the company and understanding as much as you can about your potential employer is another sure fire way of impressing during that all important interview. Voluntary work experience and demonstrating maturity is something employers will also be keen to hear about.

When applying for apprenticeship vacancies make sure you relate you application back to the job description. Pick out key points and suggest why you’re the right person for the role. Think about other skills that you have that benefit the employer.

One final tip- if you’re considering applying for an Apprenticeship don’t forget the inherent expertise you are likely to have when it comes to digital literacy. Social media platforms like Facebook are increasingly an important facet of an employer’s marketing strategy and having young people around who “get it” and are comfortable with social media platforms might just represent extra value to employers.

Try to be yourself and make sure you let your light shine when applying for apprenticeships. After all what have you got to lose?