Top 6 reasons Apprentices fail an interview

Once you have the interview you're half way there but before you go read through our list of apprentice interview fails.

Being late

Obvious and easily avoidable. Rushing to get there on time and then coming across as flustered is more of a cause then the interviewer dismissing you because you’re late! It’s possible to turn being late in some circumstances into a positive with good communicate skills by phoning and apologising, showing empathy for the interviewer upon arrival and being organised when in a crisis by having the contact details of the interviewer. It’s far easier though just to turn up on time!

Too casual or to smart… there isn’t really a too smart! Get confident wearing your clothes for the interview make sure they are comfortable, interviews can be long. Even if the job you are applying for doesn’t require you to dress smart an interviewer will always look favourably at someone that has made the effort.

Never under estimate the power of a smile. Always smile. If you have problems smiling use tape. Ok maybe not tape. Interviewers want to meet confident well-mannered people do your best to come across as one.

Failing to greet the interviewer and announce yourself. “Hi, I’m Jeff”.  Walking straight in and taking a seat. Lack of eye contact. Checking your phone constantly. Small things but they all add up to show that you’re impolite.

Sound basic right? An interviewer will always ask if you still want the job at the end of the interview it’s important to answer YES with some enthusiasm! Not knowing when you can start, not knowing how you would travel into work and not knowing what job you’re in an interview for are surprising common fails! Go through the answers before you get there.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail someone once said and they were right. Just go through potential questions either in your head or with a friend or family member. You don’t need to read off a script or give the same answer you prepared just giving the answer before will make you think about the ideal response. Also always take a copy of your CV to interviews and any supporting documents. They may not need them but you will come across as organised.

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