4 Reasons Apprentices don't get an interview

Getting an interview can often be the most frustrating part of looking for a job. If you’re not getting the interviews you think you should be or you just want to increase your chances then steer clear of the below. Are you doing these things right?

Cover letter

The covering letter you send with your CV is your chance of getting across that you can write formally. Having a standard cover letter won’t get you many interviews. Say where you saw the job advertised and why you are interested in the job. Keep it short and to the point. Staple your CV and letter together. We don’t want the 2 to get lost.

 Open or poor security settings will allow a potential employer to check your profile. There is evidence to suggest that having an open social media account means that you have nothing to hide! But make sure that you’re proud of what you’re sharing and you wouldn’t mind a potential employer seeing it. 

Having a well thought out CV is a must. Reading it through several times and then giving it to someone else to read is a necessity. Make sure it lists all the basics name, contact details, education and previous employment. Also make sure there is also about a 300 word opening paragraph that summarises you. Use a CV creator or template to give you a head start. Make sure you know everything that is written on it and have evidence to back up the things that are on it. The Interviewer will ask you questions based upon your own CV.

Make sure you check the spelling of both your CV and your cover letter. Even if you have bad spelling showing that you can create a document that has been spell checked will reassure your employer that you know how to use the spell check function.

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