3 Skills Apprentices leave off their CV

Employers don’t expect that the people applying for apprentice jobs are the finished article. The point of the scheme, is to shape you and to provide you with the skills and experience you need to go far in the workplace. There are however some skills a potential employer are looking for to reassure them that you can learn new ones. Often apprentices leave out what is to you something very small, but to an employer it’s really important.

Examples of good communication

Employers want to know that once you have been employed that you are able to converse with the rest of your team and that you have a sense of humour. Try and get this across on your CV by talking about the social clubs you attend or your key social events. Have you done a paper round? Do you have to collect the money? How did you organise yourself and the money? Have you had a Saturday job? Did you talk to customers? There are lots of examples you probably don’t realise you have.

Apprenticeships are roughly a year long. If you can show that you have worked on something for a year or more and completed it then that will interest an employer to no end! Explain how you learnt more and more as you progressed and that you’re now helping others with the same task. Some good examples might be school course work or being part of a sports team of some kind. Try and get across that you have started something and finished it.

Being able to use word and excel sounds basic to some people but not all people can use a computer. If you don’t have any evidence of using a computer put it in your interests e.g. you like following social media, watching YouTube etc. Bring any school projects you worked on at school on a memory card to show.

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