3 Golden Rules for making your application more attractive to Employers

The whole purpose of going through the process of completing your Apprenticeship application form is to make it attractive to prospective Employers, and to set you above other applicants. So, it may be worth having a second look at it now to see if you are following the golden rules:

Check your spelling throughout your application to ensure there are no mistakes!

When bad spelling or grammatical mistakes are found on an application, the screener will redeem it as being of a very poor standard.  There are however, numerous ways for you to check this before completing your application – the easiest, I believe, is to copy and paste everything that you write on a Microsoft Word document where all spelling mistakes will be highlighted and you will have a chance to make corrections. Spelling and grammar is one of the first impressions that you will make to your potential employer. Therefore it's vital that you make no mistakes.

Under Qualifications - only add the ones you have actually achieved. Also ensure that you include the correct Level and full qualification name. Under Work Experience - be sure to include everything that you have done it doesn't matter whether this is: paid or unpaid. This all looks really good to an Employer.

Remember that these questions have been personalised by each employer, so NO copy/ paste from applications made for other jobs. These questions are often used to find out if you have researched about the company and understand the role that you're applying for. These provide a real chance to show off to the employer and demonstrate what you know.