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Choosing a career path may seem a daunting path, however that needn't be the case.

Most little kids seem to have a good idea of what they want to when they grow up. Do you remember  what you wanted to be? Was is a fireman, a policeman, or astronaut? Perhaps you wanted to be a nurse or medic?

Kids love uniforms but as we grow older the world of career choices becomes a bit daunting. Ask young kids today what they want be and most of them want to be professional footballers or pop-stars. The fact that we can't all find fame and fortune shouldn't get you down though. Even if your GCSEs aren't all that you hoped for there's still an endless range of exciting choices open to you.

Whether you know the career you would like to advance into  or whether you have no clue at all! Ixion can help.

Career aspiration apprenticeships business administration case study

Ixion provided me with a real opportunity to start my career… I’ve recently been promoted to Skills Administrator

Shae Muckle - Administration Apprentice

If you're not sure exactly what is it you want to do and yet you feel the need to start earning some hard cash there are a number of options open to you:

Apprenticeships are a similar option to traineeships, an apprenticeship programme is commonly reffered to as "learn while you earn". To start an apprenticeship you apply for any available job of your choice. This can be done through the national apprenticeship service. If you're successfull with your job application and interview you will take on a work placement that ranges from 1-4 years. During this time you will gain essential work experience, a NVQ (also refered to as QCF but essentially the same - a vocatational qualification) related to your job. You earn and learn. Upon the completion of your apprenticeship you might well gain a full time job, this isn't guaranteed but you'll have plenty of time to prove yourself.

But what are Apprenticeships? 

This infographic on Apprenticeships is here to help serve you have a better understanding of Apprenticeships as a whole.


Career aspiration apprenticeships business administration case study

I think everyone should be aware of how good apprenticeships are. I would recommend them to anyone.

Sam Kitt - Administration Apprentice


Q: What do Michael Caine, Ozzy Osbourne, Eric Clapton and Jamie Oliver all have in common?

A: They were all apprentices!


Traineeships are another great way of gaining that critical work experience employers value so much when they sift through CV's. Typically with a six month placement- you'll get to experience the working world whilst receiving on the job training- typically you'll achieve a NVQ (or QCF qualification), together with Functional skills (that's numeracy, literacy and even IT skills).

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