Get ready for work

Traineeships help you unlock your potential and prepare you for your future career by helping you to become ‘work ready’. 

A traineeship will provide you with essential work preparation training such as Maths, English and work experience which are needed to progress on to an Apprenticeship or other job. Traineeships are delivered by training providers and funded by the government, with employers providing the valuable work experience placement and interview as part of the programme. 

Young people can search for Traineeship opportunities on the Apprenticeship vacancies system or by registering your interest here. For more information on eligibility, funding and the business benefits of Traineeships please read the Fact sheet.

Get ready for work with a Traineeship, not only will you gain real life experience but also learn while you earn.

Benefits of a traineeship

  • Learn and earn: From undergoing a traineeship you have the opportunity earn money whilst gaining a qualification that is relevant to a career that they would like to pursue in the future.
  • Real life experience: From training in a real workplace environment you gain essential experience that is highly desired when applying for a more permanent job and helps you adjust to the differences of full time employment.
  • Formal qualification upon completion of training: Upon completion and success of the traineeship you will be rewarded with a nationally recognised formal qualification which will benefit you when seeking future employment.
  • Permanent employee benefits: Because you are employed by the ARC as a permanent employee for the duration of you traineeship you are entitled to personal leave, annual leave and public holidays.
  • Support throughout the traineeship: The ARC offers will offer you support in the form of mentoring and coaching throughout the traineeship. You also have the potential to obtain concession cards which will save you money on travel costs. 

If you are interested in undergoing an apprenticeship instead of a traineeship please see our apprenticeships page.

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