Learner FAQ's

Your assessor will be able to help answer most of your questions through your training programme however we have compiled a collection of question we get asked on a frequent basis.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Firstly you should contact your Tutor (Teaching and Learning Mentor) or you Assessor. If you do not feel they are adequately answering or addressing your questions then you can speak to Ixions' Assistant Director of Skills or our COO.

If you are more concerned about a compliance issue please speak with our Head of Compliance or our Group FD

Ixion is a not for profit subsidiary of the UK charity, The Shaw Trust. In short we make sure funded training reaches businesses and individuals. We have over 15 years of experience in this field and when we were last inspected by Ofsted in 2015 we achieved a grade 2 which we are very proud of.

Certificates are normally with you 6 weeks after the completion of your course.

A portfolio is a collection of evidence which demonstrates (evidences) that you have achieved the required level of skills and knowledge for the qualification programme you have been studying.

When you have completed your programme of study, the Awarding Body will need to verify that the assessment decisions are correct. The Awarding Body achieves this through a process called ‘verification’. During verification, a Quality Assessor looks at your portfolio of evidence to determine whether or not you have demonstrated knowledge and competence to the required standard.

The exact contents of your portfolio will depend on the programme option and units you are studying. Your Teaching and Learning Mentor will tell you exactly what you need to include in your portfolio and you will need to bring the portfolio to every visit with your Teaching and Learning Mentor.

You should start building your portfolio immediately you start your programme of study and continue to add to it every week.  Your Teaching and Learning Mentor will look at your portfolio and give you guidance, and set targets and deadlines for evidence building.

During your programme of study you will be responsible for ensuring your portfolio does not get lost or damaged.

When you are around half way through the qualification and also when you and your Teaching and Learning Mentor agree that the portfolio is complete and ready for verification, your assessor will submit it for the final IQA process. 

For further questions that couldn't be answered on this page

Email: apprenticeships@ixionholdings.com 

Call: 0844 248 0515

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