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Firstly congratulations on taking up your training with us or a partner we work closely with whether this is through an apprenticeship, traineeship or something else. In this area you will find our policies and who to contact in the event of a question.




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Ixion words to provide around the clock support to all of our learners whether you are undergoing an apprenticeship, traineeship or anything else with Ixion.

Introduction to your learning

There will be many terms that are thrown about for the duration of your learning period. Therefore a short summary of key terms will enable you to be more prepared for the foreseen future.

Your Teaching and Learning Mentor. (CLICK HERE TO MEET THE TUTORS)

Their role is to:

Ensure you are taking the most appropriate qualification to enable you progress and achieve your goals.

  • Look at any previous training you have completed and use this where possible in the units of your qualification.
  • Conduct reviews of your progress and complete review forms which you will be asked to sign to confirm your agreement with what has been written. You will be given the opportunity to say what your views are and these will also be recorded on the form.
  • Assist you in completing the relevant records and paperwork needed.
  • Identify and plan your learning with you.
  • Teach, observe and support you as you work towards achieving your qualification, assess the evidence of learning you produce and help you to reference this to the qualification standards for your award.
  • Provide information advice and guidance to help and support you to achieve your qualification.
  • Give you constructive and positive feedback on your work and progress.
  • Give you their contact details so that you will be able to get their help and support when you need it.

The Internal Quality Assessor (IQA)

Their role is to:

  • Ensure that all Teaching and Learning Mentor’s follow the assessment specification given by the awarding body in a consistent and fair manner.
  • Ensure Ixion’s documentation and learners’ achievement records meet the standard required by the awarding body.
  • Support you and your Teaching and Learning Mentor throughout the learning process.
  • Monitor your progress by sampling your portfolio at set stages throughout the qualification.

The External Quality Assessor (EQA)

The External Verifier is appointed by the awarding body. They make sure that we do our jobs fairly. They may wish to see or speak to you. Your Teaching and Learning Mentor will let you know if they do.

The Awarding Body

The Awarding Body is the organisation that produces the standards you have to achieve and the awarding body for your qualification is Edexcel.  You will be registered with them and will be given a unique registration number issued by them and they will issue your certificate when you have achieved your qualification.  


You will have the opportunity to complete feedback surveys and participate in reviews every 12 weeks throughout the duration of course and you will be able to comment on the quality of your learning experience at these times.  Your comments will be analysed and used to feedback into our continuous improvement programme. 

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us in order to help us to offer the best service possible!

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