Start your own business

Some people feel intimidated at the idea of starting their own business however that need not be the case. Ixion can help you start a business.

If you want to start a business and are out of work then you may be eligible for the New Enterprise Allowance. If you are in work then we are still able to help.

Is starting your own the business the right choice for you? Here at Ixion we can help you start-up your own business and provide all the support you need.

Is starting a business right for you? Consider the following advantages:

Be your own boss

One of the greatest components of running your own business is that you get to be your own boss. You make all of the decisions and decide how the business is going to be run. You no longer have to confer with anyone about the future of the organisation.

You receive all of the profits

Whatever you reap you keep! All revenue that you don’t reinvest back into the company is yours, of course after you’ve paid the tax office their share. Due to you receiving all the profits you may find that you will have to work extra hard.

Do what you’re interested in

The purpose of the business is entirely your choice. It might be because you have a particular passion or perhaps you have a specialist skill? This can be very beneficial because you are likely to be working almost every day and motivation is important.

To earn an income for doing something you love is what many dream about so you are very fortunate to be in such a position.

You set your own schedule

Being your own boss provides a great degree of flexibility and as such you can work your own hours. Work around your personal lifestyle if you have other commitment that you need to meet. You can work early or late depending on what works best for you, and if you feel like changing it you can.

Work from anywhere

Another benefit of having our own business is you can work anywhere. Whatever your preference is you can meet it whether this is working from home, in an office at the organisations location of even working wirelessly in a coffee shop the choice is yours.

You produce opportunities for others

Owning your own business may require you to employ staff to help share the workload and run the business. This then helps the economy in reducing unemployment rates and will then help others to lead more fulfilling and rewarding lifestyles.

You also get to select who it is that you want to employ so in theory you could select those who are most suitable for your business and who also share a passion for what you do.

Marketing your business is easier then ever before

The rise of technology and the Internet is helping to make marketing easier than ever before. The cost of marketing used to be in the £1000’s however now through the use of social media you can get your message out the word at virtually no expense.

Whilst working with Ixion helping you start up your own business. We can also place you onto our Mentor Hive website which provides those starting up their own business support through their own personal volunteer mentor, who can provide you with experienced knowledge and advice during your business start up.

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