Meet our Tutors

Ixion Tutors are each as passionate as we are as a company about Life-Long-Learning and Transforming people lives.

Your tutor is there to support you through your learning. That’s why we want to put a face to them so you get a sense of those helping and supporting you.

When you start your course we will assigned one or more qualified & experienced tutors. Our Tutors will work with you on your Learning course in a number of ways.

UK Qualified Tutors / Friendly & Supportive / Experienced & Professional/ Flexible/ Based in England


Julie Beavis

Subject Specialism: Hospitality

​Julie left School at 16 and went straight into an Apprenticeship in Hospitality where she studied to become a chef whilst attending College on a day release basis. Working across 3 different companies Julie worked up through the ranks to becoming the manager of a catering unit. Later, upon completion of a level 3 Patisserie qualification, Julie was offered a teaching post working with learners in a College setting and jumped at the chance. Later in her career Julie decided to become a full time Tutor Assessor in the field of hospitality and loves the fact that each day she combines bringing her new experiences and opportunities that can help students and Learners succeeding in their qualifications.


Michelle Wilsdon

Subject Specialism: Retail

Michelle started her career in the Retail industry, working her way up from a Saturday girl to a store Manager. After a few years as a manager Michelle found that those she employed were not receiving the necessary level of training, upon which she decided to move into the teaching & training industry. With her work experience Michelle is able to give tutor support, teach and assess in the generic fields such as: Retail, Customer Service, Business Admin and Management. Being patient and knowledgeable Michelle adopts a bespoke method of teaching for each of her learners and students.


Katie Willis

Subject Specialism: Retail & Management

Katie was a Retail Manager for 7 years, during which time she achieved her own Retail Level 3 and Management Level 3 Diploma Awards. She has always enjoyed teaching/tutoring, learning and supporting others to develop their own knowledge and skills. Having become an established Tutor with Ixion,  Katie now teaches and supports others by using her academic and tutoring knowledge and past industry experiences.


Graham Giddy

Subject Specialism: Customer Care & Customer Services

Graham has been involved in tutoring, training and development all his adult life. Firstly in the Army where he was a Chief Training Instructor at the Military Prison. Some 10 years ago he began teaching in the customer care industry and naturally progressed to become an assessor in his own right. During this time he supported many students/candidates in areas such as; management, team leading and customer care/services. His role is to support and guide students to help them attain their education and formal certificates.


Robert Williams

Subject Specialism: Health & Social Care

Robert qualified as a tutor and assessor back in 2007, during which time he continued to build his tutoring experience, skills and knowledge until he became a full time skills training assessor in 2009. He is proficient across various sectors but his main strength lies in the Health & Social Care sector. His teaching experiences have allowed him to tailor learning and development according to his student/learner’s needs through to successful achievement of their qualifications.


Veronique Enright

Subject Specialism: Digital / Social Media / Maths & English

Veronique is a qualified tutor with a wide range of tutoring experience including: Functional Skills (Maths & English), Customer Service, and Work skills. Her legal training, commercial background and her own experiences help her to operate as a highly effective tutor.