Higher Apprenticeships

Reports have shown that more and more apprentices are continuing to develop themselves with an increasing percentage going into higher education.

Statistics show that around 20% of those who complete an advanced apprenticeship move onto higher education, this is an increase by 15% compared to the previous year. They also show that the total number of apprentices who have gone onto higher education is approximately 32,000 people over the past 7 years. Conclusions from this research suggests that apprenticeships provide various and beneficial opportunities to individuals and can allow them to begin or progress further into their career.

The information gathered from completed apprenticeships address the positive effects of becoming an apprentice and provides suggestion that an apprenticeship really is a viable option if you do not wish to attend university.

The evidence is now clear, advanced apprenticeships have a role to play in providing opportunities for those who want to undergo a form of higher education.

Are you aged 19 or over and thinking about undergoing higher level education? You may qualify for a 19+ advanced learning loan.

Undergo a higher apprenticeship with Ixion to gain more skills through on the training.

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