Logistics skills training

Supply Chain Management is key to the performance of organisations.

Every day parcels and goods are delivered to our homes and places of work without thought being given to how they got there and the skills required for for the smooth running of this vital part of our economy. While organisations with robust skills and logistics training plans thrive others fall by the wayside.

A growth industry

The United Kingdom ranks high in the world league for logistics efficiency and logistics is an industry worth £74 billion a year. Almost one in twelve of the workforce are employed by this sector and yet many have poor regard for the sector. Despite our high rank for logistics efficiency – the waste caused by poor materials handling in the UK supply chain costs millions. Globally this waste runs into billions of pounds and improvements in materials handling, warehouse management and stock forecasting could reduce costs and road congestion.

The perfect match

The right kind of logistics skills training can transform logistics efficiency and with the ever increasing prices of fuel this agenda has never been more important.

At Ixion we have vast experience in skills development in supply chain operations. We can offer packages for all levels of operations within the Supply Chain. Our logistics training programmes are designed to provide the skills, tools, techniques and competencies required to achieve effective and efficient Supply Chain operations.

Our programmes are individually tailored to client and learner needs. Subject areas we can support with include:

  • Logistics operations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Customer service
  • Network Planning
  • Operational Performance Improvement



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Driving Good Vehicles
Warehousing and Storage
Certifcate in Traffic Office (QCF)
Supply Chain Management
Mail and Package Distribution L2 (PCO)
Logistics Operations
International Trade and Logistics Operations
Operational Improvement (Business Improvement) Lean
Forklift (FLRT)

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