Traineeships for employers

Work experience for young people

Traineeships were introduced by Government in August 2013 to provide young people with way of gaining experience and skills to secure employment and progress.

A traineeship is a work experience programme where young people aged between 16-24 with little or no job experience can work with an employer for six weeks to six months. Once a young person has completed a traineeship they should be offered an interview for a paid apprenticeship, a paid role within the business or an exit interview.

Traineeships offer a number of benefits to employers:

  • They introduce enthusiastic young people with fresh ideas to your business
  • Allow you to create skilled workers for your industry
  • Support regional growth by helping your business develop a loyal, skilled workforce
  • Your staff will be able to develop their trainee skills via mentoring and coaching
  • You get the first pick of talent looking for employment.

Nominal risk or cost implications.

If you decide after the scheme to offer a trainee an Apprenticeship you could be eligible for an "Apprenticeship Grant for Employers" of £1500.

To find out more about offering a traineeship within your business:

Phone: 0844 248 0515