Work based learning

What makes it so effective?

Work-based learning offers great benefits for learners as it enables employees to gain valuable skills whilst contributing to the productivity of their company. By learning "on the job" candidates can:

  • Achieve recognition for skills accrued through work experience.
  • Achieve increased confidence in their skills and abilities knowing that qualifications achieved are benchmarked against national standards of competency.
  • Relate learning to the practicalities of their day to day work and challenges.
  • Keep skills up to date with industry development and relate learning to previous experience.
  • Learners are “in charge” of their own learning and can proceed at a pace that suits them with minimal disruption to productivity.
  • Make practical and immediate application of new skills to roles and responsibilities within the workplace.
  • Be kept informed of progress and have a clear understanding of progression routes.

Work based learning, has clear benefits to any employer.

Work-based learning has clear benefits for employers. Staff spend more time in the workplace with minimal disruption to day to day instead of attending training workshops that may interrupt the work schedule.

Our learners are not just left on their own devices to complete their work-based learning program – from initail information advice and guidance we provide learner facilitation and support every stap of the way.

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