Top 7 reasons to hire an apprentice

Apprenticeships have become increasingly more popular and successful in the last few years. What is it about these schemes that are showing such huge success? Here is a comprised list of the top seven reasons why you should hire an apprentice.

1) Potential funding

From taking on an apprentice between the ages of 16-24 there is an offer of £1500 in funding. Testing eligibility is also very easy and can be carried out on the national apprenticeship website.

Apprentices bring with them their lowered wage requirements. Apprentices have a lower minimum wage rate of only £2.68 an hour and following this standard can help reduce overheads whilst having an increase in business output.

Research suggests that the apprenticeships hired having a burning desire to start working and thus are extremely hardworking at an attempt to prove themselves. This can then also spread to other members of the business to do the same.

Training an individual from scratch allows you to train the perfect candidate for the job that they will be completing without any previous experience affecting the job operation. This therefore produces an employee tailored to your business position.

Training and investing in an employee will help them feel more valued and motivated which is likely to increase their loyalty and dedication to your company this may also lead to a potential fully trained, long term employee.

Hiring and training a younger individual will help tackle the high statistic of youth unemployment and also provide a good start in life for a young individual.

Offering an apprenticeship to the community can help improve the image of your company in both your industry sector and within the local community that you’re operating in.