19+ Adult learning loans

19+  Adult learning loans are for individuals, they can be employed or unemployed and need to be uk residents.

We are pleased to be able to offer loans for learners over the age of 19. These loans are backed by a government scheme and only have to paid back once candidate’s earn in excess of £21,000 per annum. This is very similar to the student loans scheme that helps people into University.

These loans allow employees to get the training they need to progress and to reach their career goals. With apprenticeships becoming more and more popular the 19+ plus loan scheme is the next step for career minded individuals. Not all courses are eligible for loans but many are.

24+ loans for those who would like to undergo a diploma, hgiher education, apprenticeship, or traineeship

Loans can be used to pay for:

Useful links

Government site for more Info on 19+ loans

Individuals repayment calculator (who earn over £21,000)

To find out how 19+ loans can be used to train your staff:

Phone: 0844 248 0515