Small and medium business support

Three levels of support are available:

1. Launch my business

A Programme for entrepreneurs and start-ups. Our leading business start-up course takes you through the basics, giving you the know-how you need, and full access to essential resources. We’ll develop your skills to succeed.

2. Develop my business

For existing small businesses. First, a free consultation to assess your needs. Then, we’ll find ways to build sustainable growth into your business. We’ll look at vision and strategy, sales and marketing – and we’ll help you develop the right training and achieve ongoing operational improvement.

3. Business growth programme

What do you need? High-growth support? Help with you innovation agenda? Or some assistance in re-igniting your sales and marketing strategy?

We can help. Ours is a bespoke service catering for the specific needs of your business.

We know that running a small business isn’t easy. That’s why we use experienced staff with the right background in providing small business support. Perhaps you’re looking to develop a team, or you want to optimise your business processes, or you need grants for innovation; whatever the reason, we will help you, every step of the way.

To find out how we can help you:

Phone: 0844 248 0515