Start-ups and enterprise

Starting your own business can be extremely rewarding.  Anybody with the determination and drive can become a ‘brand’.  If you want to be a success it is all about unlocking your potential- enabling you to efficiently implement your ideas.

"We have the training, mentoring and the infrastructure to help starts-ups take hold and grow. Our results demonstrate that start-ups using our services face a better chance of survival than those who don't."
Linda Sian  – Ixion Enterprise Director

start-ups and enterprise, case study of Ixion customers

We will help you unlock success

We have helped thousands of businesses start-up and sustain growth. Our carefully designed development programme fosters start-up success. And our advisors are experienced entrepreneurs themselves, each able to draw upon their invaluable personal experience. Together with our trainers, we'll help you map out your growth plans. 

We go way beyond basic cash-flows and business plans.

We’ll challenge and inspire you to excel…

Our enterprise services include:

Specialist enterprise courses include:

  • We leverage all available funding (including business support loans) to support your skills.
  • We’ll equip your staff with the skills needed to navigate the changing world of digital and social media marketing.
  • Our programmes for small companies range from help at inception and start-up through to consolidation and growth.

Ixion is constantly evolving our provision to ensure our service is focussed on improving your bottom line. Our aim is to deliver value and to help create real competitive advantage.

To find out how we can help you:

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