Live at ease (veterans & their families support)

‘Live At Ease’ supports Veterans, Territorial Army, Reservists and their families to find alternative housing, access to housing benefits and social housing services and get legal support for housing disputes. Housing problems are the second highest ranked concern amongst veterans.

Ixion Holdings is delighted to deliver a new funding stream for its Veteran’s service “Live At Ease”. The new service commissioned by NHS England as a 12 month pilot will have a remit of Early Intervention within the Criminal Justice system focussing on Custody Suites and Courts. The project has already commenced across Cheshire and will go live across Lancashire from Early June 2014.

This work builds on the hugely successful c. £1m North West pilot project commissioned in April 2012 by the NHS which was available to any Veteran of the Armed Forces and their family members and did include a Criminal Justice Element. We supported veterans and their families both inside and out of prison (4 prisons across Cheshire).

Thirteen per cent of the UK’s ex-service community questioned by the Royal British Legion said they had recently experienced housing difficulties, such as problems with home maintenance or accommodation that is inappropriate for their needs. Six per cent said they found it difficult to get around their home.

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Homelessness is also widespread amongst veterans. A survey by Homeless Link found that half of all homeless day centres in England had worked with veterans.

Housing problems are common amongst ex-service personnel because they often have no home to go to after leaving the forces. Many have relied on forces accommodation for long periods and have little knowledge of how to secure housing.

Mental health conditions are increasingly common amongst veterans, as is drug and alcohol abuse, debt and family breakdown. All these factors can contribute to veterans experiencing housing difficulties.