Innovation & research funding initiatives

Looking for major innovation or research funding?  The Ixion team has access to virtually all national and international research and innovation funding initiatives.

Just as importantly we will take care of the entire innovation funding process for you, allowing your to concentrate on running your business. 

Key benefits:

  • Grants, not loans. Requiring no equity dilution or repayment unlike any other form of investment funding
  • The most cost effective form of business innovation capital available anywhere.
  • A wide range of grants to suit your specific needs, from €​5k through to over €30 million.
  • An ability to undertake really ambitious, disruptive projects that will enable you to overtake your competitors and deliver exactly what your clients are looking for.  
  • A perfect fit when bank lending or venture capital is inappropriate or unattractive

Ixion can provide the knowledge on Innovation and research funding initiatives. Including the European Union Social Fund, and Horizon 2020 scheme.

Our teams will help you:

  • Navigate through the complex world of innovation funding, identifying the most appropriate funding sources for your specific needs.
  • Develop world beating concepts for product, process or service innovations
  • Bring in Europe’s best partner organisations to help you, if required.  So, if for example you need a particular scientific team in a particular Research Facility, we will bring them into the project and get the EC to pay for their work.  
  • Create a compelling proposal to the funding body
  • Maximise your chances of success, usually by a factor of 5.
  • Manage the whole process for you.
  • Handle the complex contract negotiation work with the funding body
  • Prepare the consortium documentation 
  • Arrange for project ‘kick-off’ meetings and prepare interviews with the funding body.
  • Manage the subsequent project for you if required.

Ixion’s ability to grasp our vision, concept and business led them to produce a very impressive first draft proposal and they worked in a way that seemed to be both tireless and effortless.

Helen Rome
Director Peterborough Renewable Energy Ltd

To find out how we can help you:

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