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Innovation consultancy & sourcing EU funding & building bid consortia:

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Our Innovation & Research services:

We help you with all the EU bidding process into the €70bn EU Horizon 2020 research & innovation fund. We find the right mix of EU consortia of organisations/research institutions for you, to be party to your bid

  • Increase profitability: Develop world-beating products, processes and services that differentiate you from your competitors. In so doing, increasing your turnover and profitability ensuring future business sustainability and growth.
  • Strengthen customer relationships: Meet the exacting needs of your customers, strengthen existing markets and add value to your product offerings, thereby increasing margins and reducing reliance on cost as a differentiator.
  • Open new markets: Develop innovative solutions that open up completely new, uncontested market opportunities for your business.
  • Build strategic partnerships: Secure strategic relationships with Europe’s leading research and technology providers, manufacturing partners and customers ensuring the product developed is right first time and has a solid route to market.
  • Analyse markets: Independently develop, assess and quantify market opportunities and exploitation strategies.
  • Assess IP: Analyse global intellectual property positioning, including ‘freedom to operate’ and competitive landscape ensuring you can develop and exploit the value in the IPR as well as product sales.
  • Secure major grant funding: Win significant grant funding, from national and international programmes, (up to £10m) to fund your innovative and ambitious developments.

We’ll manage the entire innovation process for you. This includes project management and administration, allowing you to concentrate on running your business whilst still ensuring your future growth and sustainability.

Thank you Ixion it has, again, been a pleasure to work together with you in the application process, and we are extremely satisfied with your work!

Vidar Mathiesen 

Dr ing Managing Director

Ixion EU Consultancy, consortia building & bid winning team

The Ixion board director responsible is John Danvers


John and his senior consultancy, bid writing and innovation consortia sales support team are based in our Melton Innovation Park​ office.

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Phone: 0844 248 0515