John Danvers

European Contracts Director Ixion Holdings (Contracts) Ltd

John Danvers heads up Ixion’s European Funding and Innovation team. He has over 28 years experience of innovation and new technology development across a wide range of industry sectors. For the last 14 years John has helped companies innovate beyond the reach of their competitors through the development of ground breaking products and services. He also assists them in accessing significant innovation funding, usually £1million upwards, to pay for such developments. During this time he has personally secured over €40million for his clients. John has presented on the subject of innovation across Europe and at venues including the Houses of Parliament, the NEC, Stoneleigh and the Turning Torso in Malmo. He has been published in the Financial Times with an article on E-Health and in several industry journals.

John is a Chartered Engineer, a Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and a Member of FEANI. He holds an honours degree in Electronics, Communications and Control systems.

John He began his career with GEC in the nuclear power sector and then with Alsthom moved into renewable energy generation. His technical career culminated in the airport security sector where his team developed the world’s most sophisticated detection and control systems for aircraft hold baggage screening. Prior to joining Ixion John was a Divisional Director of Pera Innovation and Head of their UK Intelligent Systems Research Institute (ISRI). He lead a team of over 100 engineers, scientists, technologists, project mangers and proposal writers both in the UK and Northern Europe.

John is currently working with companies large and small in both the UK and Europe. He has a particular speciality in helping SME’s overcome the barriers to achieving growth through innovation.