2016/17 Skills Success Rates

               Grade 1 level* OUTSTANDING OUTCOMES FOR LEARNERS 2016/17


3 year Trends by Ixion






2016/17 Skills Conference





* John Govett, Ixions Group CEO explained to the Ixion Skills Conference that following in Oct 2015 the OFSTED inspection Ixion were awarded a Grade 2 with "OUTSTANDING Features" report and now he was delighted to announce that Ixion was confident that it now had Outcomes for Learners in 2016/17 that would likely now be graded 1 (Outstanding) at any future inspection. John mentioned that he was so confident that Ofsted would grade Ixion as a Grade 1 provider that he and the board were contemplating inviting Ofsted in for them to conduct an Inspection on Ixion.


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